Weekly Update–November 24th, 2023: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃, Happy Holiday

Black Friday, for me is a day to sleep in, post my weekly blog/newsletter and spend the day with family.  We arrived in Michigan late Wednesday evening and have been enjoying this family time.  Take a look at my weekly take away and you will see this week what is most important to me, as I keep this very short and sweet… Detroit Delta Lounge Meet-Up for Next Flight ✈️…  Read more

Weekly Update–November 17th, 2023; Counting Down the Days Until Thanksgiving 🦃

Once again I am happy to be writing this blog as I attend the 21st annual tax practitioner’s symposium ATS 2023 formerly LITPS.   We were live again this year at the Crest Hollow Country Club where I connected with my professional friends, served as a host and participated on a tax panel “The Tax Man Cometh”with Scott Ahroni, esq and several of his partners and associates.  I am keeping this week’s post short and sweet as…  Read more

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