Weekly Update – September 22nd 2023 – ERC Processing on Hold

Some weeks or days are harder than others, I am so glad to have close friends I can rely on and of course the beach down my block for a quick walk at sunrise… Sunrise Yesterday Morning From Our New Beach 131st Street Rock Jetty A big thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday (especially someone who asked what year and thought it was my…  Read more

Weekly Update – September 15th 2023 – Perfect Tax Storm

Today is a perfect tax storm day with many 2022 extended tax returns and estimate #3 for 2023  due.  As we brace for this major deadline many of us are also watching the weather reports as Hurricane Lee moves up the atlantic coast; it looks like a perfect storm is heading our way too.  Remember that safety should always be the top priority, so take precautions to protect yourself and your loved…  Read more

Weekly Update–September 8th 2023: Tax Deadlines Loom

This morning I was feeling a bit frustrated as I worked on my weekly take away so I “popped” it into ChatGPT.  I wasn’t asking for advice and didn’t give it any parameters, but it totally picked up on my mood.  “It sounds like you and your team are facing a challenging situation as you approach the tax filing deadline, and I can understand how stressful it must be to…  Read more

Weekly Update – September 1st 2023: Proper Planning/Documentation For Tax Minimization

It’s labor day weekend and I can imagine that many families are planning a long weekend as the kids will be heading back to school next week.   We often talk about planning, tax planning, vacation planning, retirement planning, etc.  I never reccomend doing something “just for tax purposes” but with proper planning you just might take a partial business deduction for a portion of your trip expenses.  Summer travel  plans can…  Read more

Weekly Update – August 25th, 2023 -Learn How Tax Planning Starts in Your Driveway

Another crazy week which started out nice with a vist from Elizabeth last Friday as we worked together before she headed upstate Saturday morning for a wedding then returned Sunday evening to spend time in the office with Monica on a special project as well (notice how her trip may qualify partly as a business expense- see my August 4th blog post).   Too bad Myriam, Ramona and Raquel were not…  Read more

Weekly Update – August 18th, 2023 -Learn How Tax Planning Starts at Home

Another busy week with some exciting news.  We all yearn to help make a difference in our environment; I have been composting for over 20 years, creating “black gold” for my vegetable garden, flowers and shrubs. Just last night my husband and I started the process to install solar panels on our house.   The US Tax Code is influencing my behavior while enabling me to reduce my carbon footprint.  We…  Read more

Weekly Update–August 4th 2023-Can Personal Travel Be A Business Deduction?

As our clients plan their summer vacations we get calls about the potential to “write off” some of the costs as a business expense.  Just last week I extended my trip.  When the tax conference I attended in Seattle ended Friday evening, I took advantage of being on the west coast and flew down to San Diego for a visit with my daughter and additional training.   Check out the tax…  Read more

Weekly Update – July 21st 2023 – What’s in Your Tax Mitigation Tool Box

It been another crazy busy summer week starting with a Town Hall panel web presentation on IRS/NYS tax collections mitigation.  Even through we had the framework set from prior presentations a lot of time and energy went into preparing for this one and I love participating. I had a great time yet again presenting with Karen Tenenbaum, esq, CPA, Moshe Zupnick, esq, and Marisa Friedrich, esq, of Tenenbaum Law, P.C.. Town…  Read more

Weekly Update – July 14th, 2023

We see many news reports, blog posts and webinars discussing AI, Bots, and ChatGPT.  Most highlight the benefits of having AI assist in the repetitive data entry and review, while others point out the concerns staff members have about being replaced by evolving technology.  This week I attended a webinar hosted by my professional group and we were once again reminded that this type of technology is a tool that…  Read more

Weekly Update July 7th 2023

It’s a beautiful day here in Michigan where we are visitng for an extended weekend.  We have great plans for the next few days so this week’s blog will be short and sweet    We arrived late last night; here is my view as I write today’s blog… Sunrise on the lake this moring I am glad we were finally able to visit and not only spend time with our daughter…  Read more

Weekly Update – June 30th 2023; Happy Birthday USA!

Some of us may have great bosses who have closed their offices on Monday allowing their staff to enjoy a four day weekend.  No matter what our work plans are I look forward to the weekend and maybe a bar-b-que or 2 and expect/hope many are of you are planning, picnics and outings with family and friends. I hear the weather will be a bit iffy here in NYC with some scattered…  Read more

Weekly Update – June 23rd 2023

This week I attended the amazing CASCPA annual symposium in person.  What a great surprise to see good friends presenting and to meet colleagues of others.  I left home at around 7 AM and was worried about the traffic and parking, and snuck in a bug battle that morning so I forgot one of my prior take-aways “bring business cards to all in person events…”; no problem, I was able to connect via social…  Read more

Weekly Update – June 9th 2023

Much of my and other’s focus this week has been taken up by the Canadian brush fires, the broader implications and the effect of the smoke on the air quality on the north east coast of the United States.  While I, as well as most of us have considered news reports and the families affected by wild fires all over, we have only rarely experienced the effects.  With the winds…  Read more

Weekly Update – May 26th 2023

Many really nice bosses (hint, hint) are wrapping up a week of work with a short Friday so we can enjoy this 3 day weekend honoring our Veterans and spending time with friends and family at the beach, park or attending bar-b-ques. I am happy to share some cool construction photos as the beach conservation continues, these cranes are just on the next block… New beach preservation jetty construction Jetty…  Read more

Weekly Update – May 19th 2023

I am thrilled that the nice weather is finally here and the sand is warm enough to walk on it barefoot.   I am glad I am following my April 21st Take Away with a twist, we now take “barefoot breaks”… Beach Break Get ready for the fig reports, I am not sure if we will have a “crazy” crop like last year but…. It’s Spring & it looks like we will have…  Read more

Weekly Update – May 11th, 2023 – Happy Mother’s Day

We met our tax season 2023 deadlines by filing tax returns and extensions as needed; it’s time to focus on new tax laws, tax plans, and regular monthly and quarterly filing deadlines.  As a tax nerd I love joining panels and speaking with small business owners highlighting rules, trends, and situations to beware of.  Just this week I was thrilled to be included on a panel with Karen Tenenbaum, esq and…  Read more

Weekly Update – May 5th, 2023 – Happy Cinco de Mayo

Today, Cinco de Mayo actually marks the anniversary of the 1862 victory by Mexican troops over invading French forces at the Battle of Puebla. The triumph over the better equipped and more numerous French troops was an enormous emotional boost for the Mexican soldiers led by Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza. Today Mexican American’s  get together with friends and family to celebrate. Enjoy! Home sweet home! No matter how great a time we have, …  Read more

Weekly Update – April 28th, 2023

As much as I love non-stop work, deadline pressures and stress, a week of vacation first skiing in amazing conditions with my kids and longtime friends then on to southern California for a long weekend is just what I needed. On Tuesday morning we carved “first tracks” yes, fresh powder in April at Snowbird mountain in Utah.  I followed my pre-weekly take away and didn’t “overdo it”.  I even joined morning yoga…  Read more

Weekly Update – April 21st, 2023

A huge thanks to my brilliant, loyal. hard working, amazing staff, thanks to your efforts and support we successfully navigated yet another tough tax season.  Now it’s time for a vacation, a few days off, and some relaxing “me and family time”.  I am heading out to Salt Lake City Utah for a short ski week.  Snow in April? Yes this year they recorded over 900 inches this season (approximately…  Read more

Weekly Update – April 14th, Tax Season Deadline Countdown

Taking cues from my prior blog posts I have kept up my daily walks on the beach at sunrise followed (most day’s) by a high intensity indoor workout.  This week I increased my walk by 1 jetty which added to my miles and photo ops.  Just a few more days to go as I look forward to our “after tax season ski trip” to Snowbird Utah and then a visit to my…  Read more

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