Workflow Efficiencies Can Improve Profits

I believe  that the workflow efficiencies gained by standardizing processes within your company can enhance profitability. Intuit video #3 is the story about how workflow efficiencies were achieved in A Parness Company CPA after we performed a “health check” on the practice and implemented better processes as consistent with our business plan. Please feel free to sign on to our 7 Steps to an Effective Business Plan  or contact us for…  Read more

How to Deliver Bundled Services: An Introduction

“I’m Andrea Parness, I’m a CPA, I’m the owner of my firm. I work along with five of my staff members, A. Parness Company. We’re located in Queens, New York City and I was a traditional firm up until that point.” Learn from Andrea Parness, CPA, CTC, on what are bundled services, and why should you consider implementing them in your tax and accounting firm?  Read more

How to Incorporate Bundled Services into Your Firm

Firm owners could benefit from taking the time to evaluate their firm as a business. As the owner of my firm, I did just that and realized some changes needed to be made, starting with bundling our services. Many firms follow the traditional model of accepting clients in various industries through recommendations. Others provide clients with valuable services along with business-related compliance services, but don’t highlight those. Read the full…  Read more

Creative Approaches to Problem Solving

In our office, we say, “It’s not a problem; it’s an opportunity.” When issues arise, we take the time to evaluate the situation to determine the cause. Did we break an office rule, step around a procedure or was it a case of not being careful? At times, solving our clients’ problems definitely requires a creative approach, but the real creativity lies in truly listening to their needs and understanding…  Read more

IRS releases final rules on deductions for “pass-through” businesses

The IRS has released its final rules on a key tax break for businesses — the so-called “pass-through deduction.” The background: The new tax law cut taxes for corporations from 35 percent to 21 percent. But that didn’t apply to certain kinds of businesses, like LLCs and S corporations. They’re called pass-throughs, and they pay taxes based on their owner’s personal income, not the corporate tax rate. So Congress came…  Read more

This tax season, accountants are double-checking their software

These days, accountants and tax preparers use software to prepare and file your taxes. It allows them to do the calculations faster and to file online with the IRS. But it’s not always like that. In the Market Place article, Marielle Segarra interviews our director Andrea Parness about double-checking the software and how accountants have to remember the software is just a tool, and they can’t let it do all…  Read more

ProConnect™ Tax Customer Council Member Profile: Andrea Parness, CPA, CTC

Read about our director Andrea Parness in the new Intuit ProConnect article. Andrea explains why it is important being a member of Tax Customer Council and how can tax professionals keep up with all the changes in tax laws and regulations. Andrea Parness, CPA, CTC, is owner of A Parness Company CPA, a niche CPA firm in Belle Harbor, Queens, N.Y. She has written several articles as well a white…  Read more

How to Reduce Your Stress During Busy Season

Too much stress can be a true detriment to your tax practice, especially during busy season. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80 percent of workers feel stress on the job, while nearly half say they need help learning how to manage stress. Read more on Intuit ProConnect website  Read more

What is Your #1 Piece of Advice to Clients in 2019?

The new year brings with it new challenges and opportunities, especially considering the impact the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has on tax year 2018. Read more about what our owner, Andrea Parness CPA and other Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Pro Center authors advise to clients in 2019. Read full article  Read more

Building Service Models for Handling Uncertainty and Tax Reform

If tax professionals are still scrambling to decipher tax reform and the various code sections of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, how do small business clients and individual taxpayers feel with all this uncertainty? What can we, as their trusted advisors, do to help make them feel secure and know that they have a partner to develop a strategy to deal with these tax law changes? In 2016 and…  Read more

Announcing the Top 50 Cloud Accountants of 2017 (North America)

  We embraced the cloud to help our clients accomplish the “6 W.R.I.T.E.S.”: Wealth Generation, Risk Reduction, Increased Profits, Time Savings, Expense Control, and Stress Reduction. Thanks to the time-saving benefits of the cloud, we were also able to volunteer as a member of various professional groups, including the National Conference of CPA Practitioners and the Intuit ProConnect Tax Council. Read more  Read more

Apps That Can Help You Get Through Tax Season

With another tax season on the horizon, we talked to several of our tax professionals and Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Council members about what apps and software they love the most. Many of these apps save them time each day, while others help them make the most of their free time so they can truly focus while at work. We hope these favorite apps help make tax season a little easier…  Read more

Keep Your Tax Team Together with Remote Staffing Strategies

Monica and Myriam are smart, loyal, self-motivated, conscientious, independent people; both irreplaceable members of my team. Years ago, they separately told me they were moving to different states. At the time, we had a decision to make: part ways or find a path to keep my indispensable team members. Today, I have two full-time employees who live in other states. When we first experimented with working remotely, we were relegated…  Read more

Tips for Tax Pros Working Virtually

Whether you’re on vacation, at a firm retreat or simply away from the office, all of us connect while we’re gone to our work, family and friends. Nowadays, it’s not a matter of if you’re going to connect, but rather how to do it consistently and efficiently. We asked several tax practitioners for their guidance. Read more on tips for tax pros working virtually in Scott Cytron’s article on TaxPro…  Read more

5 Reasons You Should Join a Professional Association

Years ago, I trained and raced a six-“man” outrigger canoe as a member of a local club. A few mornings each week, our team would meet at the boat and train for several hours to ensure each team member set his paddle into the water simultaneously, producing a consistent stroke rate and length. Over the course of the summer, our team participated in 10 40-mile races on the East Coast.…  Read more

Moving to the Cloud: One Firm’s Journey from the “Aha Moment” to Finding Success and Comfort

Like many of you in the accounting profession, I attend several accounting and technology conferences each year to listen to industry leaders and network with my peers. I read countless articles and survey result reports about the future of accounting and business and pick the brains of the accounting conference sponsors. It was the last week of April 2015. I was a participant in a special mini marketing/business growth program.…  Read more

Unlike Previous Disasters, Few Tax Breaks After Sandy

It’s tax season and many residents of New York and New Jersey lost homes, property and paperwork, making this season particularly difficult, but after Sandy, residents aren’t getting the kind of tax breaks that victims of previous national disasters have received. The IRS released a slim volume back in 2006, known as Publication 4492. If you missed it, that’s because it applied to victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma,…  Read more

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