Weekly Update-March 1st 2024: Can I Deduct My Pet on My Tax Return; He Accompanies Me to the Office 🐶🐕🐕‍🦺🐩

Welcome to March and the count down to spring, hard to believe when we were building snowmen ⛄ just last week.  We at A. Parness Company CPA are deep into tax season 2024, with several tax deadlines happening March 15, which when necessary, may be extended until September.  During our exit appointments we get many similar questions, today I am focusing on “working dogs”.  I am picturing farm dogs herding…  Read more

Weekly Update–February 23rd, 2024–Snow Storms⛄❄️❄️❄️Sunrises🌅 & Farm Animals 🐄🐐🫏 for a Winter Diversion

Getting caught up on a week that got away? Here’s your weekly digest of some stories relevant to business and the economy. Snow storms during tax season when so many of us work remotely are a beautiful distraction , no effect on work schedules, and fewer cars on the roads.  Even so, I was glad to see that the crews were out continuously cleaning and salting the roads. We do…  Read more

Weekly Update–February 16th, 2024-THE CLOCK IS TICKING- IRS ERC-VD DON’T MISS OUT 💖🍫❄️❄️❄️⛄🌅

Mid-February and tax season is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean we accounting professionals can’t have fun.  This week we celebrated Valentines Day, “played hooky” during a morning snow storm and are looking forward to a three day weekend as we celebrate President’s Day on Monday February 19th by closing the office.  We can always share some beautiful local photo’s and in a few months we will visit in…  Read more

Weekly Update–February 9th, 2024 – Tip for Protecting Your Issued Check from Mail Theft & Washing 🌅🚶🏻‍♀️🗽🍑🍊🖊️📩

It’s been crazy busy here as we head into the heat of tax season, and, if I have learned anything from prior tax seasons it’s “Take Care of You First” and it will all work out in the end, or if not, starting the day right should set the stage for your mood and your interactions. This week I made a new friend as I started my day with a…  Read more

Weekly Update–February 2nd, 2024 Groundhog Day 🌧️⛅☁️🌨️

All the talk of Groundhog Day reminded me about the 1993 movie starring Bill Murray, probably a good choice for streaming tonight with a bowl of popcorn.  As I googled the Old Farmer’s Almanac also popped up on my feeds with comments about how people swear by it.  For me I am happy to check the daily and weekly weather forecast and the Rockaway Beach tide charts on my cell phone.  At least…  Read more

Weekly Update-January 19th 2024 ❄️⛈️☀️☃️-What to Expect from The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024

What a week of crazy weather and it just started snowing again this morning. I was happy to take advantage of the extra time off on Monday as we celebrated the life and ideas Martin Luther King jr.  A week of cold weather, soup and taxes as we head into our busy time of year.  Last week I mentioned a planned trip to meet a friend for dim sum, it…  Read more

Weekly Update – January 5th, 2024-Welcome 2024 – the BOI Reporting Clock is Ticking ⏱️

A BIG Good Morning 🌅 and welcome to 2024🥂🍾🥳🎇, I am happy to repeat the sentiment we have been hearing and repeating over the last few days “Best Wishes For A Happy Healthy New Year for You and Your Friends and Family”; I for one will continue to wish everyone a good day.   This week when speaking with my daughter we talked about the holiday meals and visits we had…  Read more

Weekly Update: December 1st, 2023, Winter’s Here ❄️🕎🎄🥂- Consider Bunching Medical Expenses

December 1st, how did this happen, I feel like it was just summer a week or two ago and I was working in my garden.  I guess the holiday decorations 🕎🎄that have sprung up this past week are a sure sign that it’s holiday time, even if we here in NYC are experiencing “warm” 37–48-degree weather. It’s winter somewhere, certainly in Michigan where we spent last week.  It is certainly…  Read more

Weekly Update–November 24th, 2023: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃, Happy Holiday

Black Friday, for me is a day to sleep in, post my weekly blog/newsletter and spend the day with family.  We arrived in Michigan late Wednesday evening and have been enjoying this family time.  Take a look at my weekly take away and you will see this week what is most important to me, as I keep this very short and sweet… Detroit Delta Lounge Meet-Up for Next Flight ✈️…  Read more

Weekly Update – September 22nd 2023 – ERC Processing on Hold

Some weeks or days are harder than others, I am so glad to have close friends I can rely on and of course the beach down my block for a quick walk at sunrise… Sunrise Yesterday Morning From Our New Beach 131st Street Rock Jetty A big thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday (especially someone who asked what year and thought it was my…  Read more

Weekly Update – March 24th, 2023

Is it cheating if I fill our weekly blog with photos and go lite on tax details as we count down the remaining available days to complete our work before the next deadline or until we go on vacation?  This week we celebrated our 42 anniversary and welcomed our new grandog Rory into the family. How does a CPA plan a wedding during tax season?  We got married before I entered…  Read more

Weekly Update – March 10th, 2023

Today I got up early to run, yes run on the beach for a short stretch, then head home to another fun day in the office at tax deadline crunch time…  Just like yesterday, it is great to be able to do the things I used to do.  So I am picking out what I think are my best shots of the week and sharing them with a huge smile.…  Read more

Weekly Update – March 3rd, 2023

We had some crazy weather this week here by the beach we received a dusting of snow which melted right away.  I was hoping to see a bit more as someone who doesn’t have to shovel or brave icey roads to get to work.  For me a nice tax season 15 minute break would be a cup of hot chocolate as I watch the snow fall.  So thanks for sending…  Read more

Weekly Update – February 24th, 2023

Sometimes my only incentive for getting up at 6AM is to walk on the beach at sunrise.  Even when I know the clouds will block the sun like this week on President’s Day, when many people celebrated with an extra day off and some extra sleep.  Even with no sun I was able to take some cool photos and my phone showed them as black and white…   No sun…  Read more

Weekly Update – January 27th 2023

This week you will probably start receiving your 2022 tax forms as January 31st is the filing deadline for w-2’s and 1099’s, so keep an eye out and start collecting those forms in a file and get ready to scan them into one pdf file for safekeeping and submission to your tax professional.  This time of year it is most important to me to keep to my routine of getting…  Read more

Weekly Update – January 20th 2023

You know it’s a good sign when your childrens’ best friends come to visit even when your kids are grown and living in other states.  I was so happy to be able to spend time with my “Brooklyn Daughter” Michelle and she humored me by getting up early Monday morning for a cold windy walk on the beach at sunrise… Me -n- Mish I am so glad sunrise is still…  Read more

Weekly Update – January 13th – Lucky Friday

Why not “Lucky Friday the 13th?” I googled and found the association with the belief that there were 13 guests at the last supper.  I also found a reference to the Thirteen Club a supper club which was founded by William Fowler who had many successes and positive associations with the number 13. One of the favorite sayings in our office is “any day I learn something new is a good day” and…  Read more

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