Life is not always predictable but you do not have to deal with the hard times on your own

We woke up the morning of October 29th 2012 after Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the east coast including our home, our office and our neighborhood.

We knew that life would never be the same. We survived!

Safe place for our family, friends, neighbors and clients

It was so much easier establishing a safe place for our family, friends, neighbors and clients to come to share their experiences of how they survived and show the photos of their property.

What a relief to be able to comfort others and supply the old tax documents that our clients needed for FEMA and insurance claims than to think about all the clean-up and re-build work we had ahead of us.

Tax savings from the proper reporting of causality losses

Casualty loss victims are those that are affected by natural disasters, fires, theft and vandalism. Having experienced hurricane sandy in the fall of 2012 ourselves, we became experts, helping others with tax savings from the proper reporting of their causality losses.

  • Causality loss tax advisory services
  • Casualty loss IRS audit representation
  • Casualty loss consulting and support to accounting firms
  • Casualty loss seminars for CPA’s
  • Business preparedness webinars

If you are a victim of casualty loss and have any questions regarding your situation, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Protecting for the unforeseen

There is a saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There is another saying “it will never happen to me”.

You can prepare your home or business to weather the storm. Let us help you set up good systems that protect you in the event that you run into an unforeseen problem.

Read more about the impact on your business when a disaster strikes.

Go paperless

Back up all your information electronically instead of risking the loss or destruction of your paper documents.
Have an offsite back up for your business.

Keep all your client’s documents and your own documents backed up electronically at an offsite in case your place of business is compromised in a casualty.

Invest in cloud accounting

Have all your financial documents and personal information backed up in an online cloud system. We have conducted several webinars which are really lessons in good business practice and include tips on practical business and home preparedness.

Let us help you prepare for a situation we hope never occurs

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