The 90 Day Action Plan, a Great Tool for Creating Professional Development Plans for your Employees…

Showing your employees that you appreciate them by investing in their future will pay big dividends. Hopefully you have been using 90 Day Action Plans for you and your firm/medical practice/business.  Now that you are familiar with the process, lets expand to create Professional Development Plans for you and your employees as it relates to your business.

It seems that no matter the subject of my presentation, I will usually include a plug to include a 90 Action Plan

This video “snippet” was part of a recent accounting seminar on managing the data:

The 90 Day Action Plan, a Great Tool

Think of the Employee Professional Development Plan as a 90 Day Action Plan that focuses on helping staff improve their knowledge, capabilities, and skills in areas related to your business, and you’re good to go!

Final thoughts

  • Ensure each employee has the opportunity to apply their new skills on the job and get feedback about their progress. This will keep them engaged in the process and help them refine their abilities.
  • Remember to review the plan periodically so you can measure their development and determine if the plan should be revised.  Listen to their ideas as they work through the plan, you might just get a better outcome than expected.
  • Remember to reward success, with positive feedback and possibly some form of tangible acknowledgement. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

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