On the Road Again…Sharing About My Upcoming Conferences

On the road again, this week I am heading to San Jose for an accounting technology conference; in the next few weeks I am also scheduled to travel to Florida and Long Island for specialized industry and tax conferences with my staff members.

Flight To Conference

Recently I have shared “best practices” for attending conferences and networking events, no need to reiterate, but follow these links for a refresher:

Tips for getting the most out of your professional conference

Best practices for networking events

It’s Sunday evening and I have already set my goals, reviewed the list of vendors, chosen the courses I plan to attend this week, have a totally booked Monday, what’s next:

I called the hotel and found out what equipment is in the exercise room; there are 2 Peloton bikes and I have packed my cycling shoes (those who really know me know this is MAJOR!)

I printed and emailed myself the hotel confirmation.

In my office calendar I have scheduled my airline check in for 10 minutes prior to the time I can check in and print my boarding pass (Monday 8 AM).

My car has a reservation to “hang” at the JFK Smart Park parking lot, where they will check me in and drive me to terminal A then pick me up when I return.

I actually packed my bags (those who really know me think wow that’s a first). Reason being that this is the first of three 3-4 day conferences I will attend prior to flying out to Michigan to spend thanksgiving with my kids, their fiancees, and our extended families.  I intend to  return home, dump my clothes in the wash and repack every weekend in November.  I need to make sure that I have clean work-out clothes, sweats, and enough “office casual” outfits to attend all the breakfasts, dinners, parties, and educational sessions, that I have planned and RSVP-ed to and just be able to lounge without any stress.  I am all set!

I am really psyched (I know that is not a real adjective) about these conferences and my personal trip, so for the next few weeks follow my tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts to share my journey.  To “hear” about the amazing things I am learning, see the sights and find out about new technology and ideas that you too may institute in your business/professional practice follow this post “On the Road Again…Sharing What I Have Learned at Recent Conferences I Have Attended”.

While away and when I return I will share the “takeaways” with my office staff and you.

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