5 Reasons You Should Join a Professional Association

Years ago, I trained and raced a six-“man” outrigger canoe as a member of a local club. A few mornings each week, our team would meet at the boat and train for several hours to ensure each team member set his paddle into the water simultaneously, producing a consistent stroke rate and length. Over the course of the summer, our team participated in 10 40-mile races on the East Coast. I quickly learned that this is a sport where your personal best is about staying consistent with your teammates to make your strokes more powerful. We paddled as if we were one person moving the boat fast and steady.

Personal commitment and synchronized teamwork is also what it takes to be an active member of professional associations. The work may not be as physically challenging as an outrigger canoe race, but when you partner together and work toward a similar goal, you can achieve great things.

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