Remote Life and Taxes Our New Normal

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Even with our “new normal”, life and taxes go on with a slight shift in our process.

It’s a rainy Tuesday morning in NYC but I wanted to share yesterday’s sunrise from Rockaway Beach which is right down my block. Take a deep breath as you start your day and try to stay calm as we head into what will probably be another challenging day.

Yesterday our firm met the challenge of working remotely while navigating the first deadline of this tax season. It was an emotionally and physically exhausting day, but we connected with each other, accomplished our goals & shared a few great virtual moments together.
We are watching the news so we can inform our clients about tax and employment developments as they happen. Here’s the latest on employment developments & the NY Times Morning briefing for March 17:

• Legislation is still pending as far as a Coronavirus (COVID-19) bill
• Employees that are unable to work either due to the business closing or a family member being sick can look to unemployment or Paid Family Leave in states that have it

State and local governments are taking individual measures, which are also constantly changing

Stay tuned for more and now on to see the latest report in the NY Times Morning briefing,

Please know that we place safety above everything else as our office continues to function as usual.

Our thoughts are with those who may be impacted by the outbreak and we are thankful for the health care professionals who are working to care for them. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

-Written 17 March 2020

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