Tips for Creating a Winning Medical Team

We start most of our office strategy sessions with “start with the end in mind” scrawled across our whiteboard. We have heard repeatedly from our MD’s that their primary goal is the health and well-being of their patients; they want to deliver great patient care.  I submit that this can best be achieved when the entire office has that goal, understands their role and contributes to the patient experience.

We work closely with our medical practice clients to help them turn their medical practices into great businesses.  Our approach includes a 3 step model:

This encourages collaboration between us as your business advisor, coach and accounting team and you and your medical practice staff.  The outcome is a smooth running and profitable business with improved patient care and a positive patient experience.

Are you worried about what is going on out in the waiting room when you are performing your examinations?

7 tips for converting your waiting room staff into an asset rather than an administrative cost:

  1. Make use of scripts for training your staff with most frequently asked questions.
  2. Create role playing scenarios to ensure positive interactions with difficult patient encounters. Your staff may be able to diffuse a difficult situation before it gets out of hand. Alternatively they can alert you to a situation where you can be proactive.
  3. Have your staff gage the climate in your waiting room. Give credibility to their observations and suggestions. By focusing on a team approach to come up with solutions, you have an opportunity to create positive self-esteem and a more cohesive environment.
  4. Utilize your practice management software by documenting positive and negative patient and patient family encounters. Again, this is an opportunity to make improvements in your systems while creating a “team” within your practice.
  5. Set up a process for documenting those patients who would be most likely to offer positive testimonials.
  6. Set up a process for documenting neighborhood events. Use these as a potential for community outreach, team or school sponsorships and advertising opportunities.
  7. Waiting room staff may be in the best position to monitor waiting-room informational videos. Alternatively those frequently asked general questions are a source of potential informational videos and blog posts.

With the right tools your staff can be your greatest asset.  If you are interested in taking your business to the next level please contact our office to set up an appointment.

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