“There’s No Time Like the Present” For 2020 Business Planning

There is “No Time Like the Present” For You to Start Planning

for an Amazing 2020

Have you thought about what 2020 holds? Now is the perfect time to book your Business  Strategy Session. You’ll get guidance on updating or setting up your Business Plan.

It’s hard to believe but the year is almost over! AND…there is “No Time Like the Present” for a Business Strategy Session. We sometimes call this a Discovery Session, a time when we sit with our clients to review, project, and plan.

Entity type

If you haven’t considered your entity type under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, you may be missing out,  not using the lower tax rates to your advantage could be a missed opportunity.

Take some time to discuss whether your entity type is still appropriate under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Remember there may be ramifications that will result in higher taxes further down the track.

Target Customer or Service

If you haven’t considered your target customer, patient or client in a while, this might just be the right time to do so.  We believe that with specialization you can be an industry expert and give the best advice, care or value to your clients or patients.

Business Processes

In our office we like to say “Work With the End in Mind” – we think of business processes as steps along the way to the desired goal.  If you haven’t had a business health check or conducted your own in a while, this might be the time to do so.

Tax Minimization Plan

Now you’ve updated your business plan and reached your goal, but what about your tax liability?  We can work with you to set up tax advantaged strategies so you keep more of your “hard earned cash”

There are some handy tools to get you started:

  • Business Diagnostic – This is an interactive questionnaire to help you focus on problem areas or opportunities for improvement
  • Operational Business PlanThis is a link to a word document to help you create or update your business plan
  • Vision Statement Guide This is a link to a word document which will help you create or update your vision statement

Final thoughts

Draw up a list of ideas that appeal to you, as well as a list of problems your business has encountered this year.  Use this list to help formulate your business plan.

Need help

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