“I met Andrea in college and we instantly became great friends. She has been an inspiration to me over the years as a mother, and a business owner working out of her own home. She inspired me to open up my own business and has always given the best support and advice over the course of time. Andrea has assisted me with many things such as planning for any big tax liabilities, and helping me to create a pension which has grown significantly, which will help me and my family live comfortably after retirement. In a more recent instance, during the pandemic my clients were in crisis. I work with school districts to help with funding and support of grant programs. During the pandemic, government grants provided for personal protective equipment and technology for children without internet and devices to use at home. As such, my cash flow and business income dropped off. Thanks to Andrea and her team, I was able to receive both the PPP1 and PPP2 funds which has helped significantly with paying my bills. I am pleased to have been with Andrea from the start of my business and for many more years to come and would highly recommend A. Parness Company CPA.”

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