Taking Some Personal Time Each Day Enables You to Focus on the “Tough Stuff”

Have you ever pondered over an issue and felt the stress building up only to find that the solution pops into your head while you are in the shower, on a long walk, or sitting in traffic?

I was working with a couple on a retirement and relocation plan. During our discovery session, I could practically feel their stress over some very hard decisions they would need to make over the coming months.

When I asked about their daily routine, I found that the wife had been so focused on initiating a planned move from their family home which she loved that she had stopped taking her morning walks through the neighborhood. Of course, her morning walk went to the top of the follow up “to do” list I sent over after our meeting. While this may seem obvious, sometimes it takes an unbiased party to point it out.

On occasion, my staff has asked me if I took my morning run. They know me so well that they can peg my mood on whether I worked out before showing up in the office and have banned me from the office until I take my workout!

If you need to work out a problem, take some time for yourself, just let your mind wander and see what happens. I recommend that you add a “voice recorder app” to your phone. Too complicated, then just voice record your thoughts in a text to your kids. I will warn you that if you hit send you will have to follow the conversation:

Emily: “What is mommy talking about?”
Jessie: “She is just talking to herself, ignore her”
Andrea: “I want to copy and paste and email this to myself”
Jessie: “She uses text as her own personal note pad. You should see what she sends me….” (some emoji’s followed this)
Emily: “So funny”

My advice: do something for yourself every day.

Text your kids and copy & paste and email to yourself if an idea pops into your head. If they complain, tell them you heard about this technique online :).

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