Weekly Update–April 5th 2024-Tax Season Deadline Countdown⏱️Remember IT’s Better to Extend Than Amend 📝✏️💰💰💰

What a difference a day or an hour can make, especially here at the beach. This morning I “slept in”, yes at 7 AM I missed that classic shot of the sun rising out of the ocean on the horizon, but with no wind, no rain, it really did feel like a spring day…. 7 AM this Morning The votes are in; Saturday Morning Sunrise – Favorite of the 4…  Read more

Weekly Update–March 29th 2024-The Unintended Consequences of Independent Dependent Childern🚸👧🏻👧🏽👦🏻👦🏽

It’s tax season and as we accounting professional head into our even crunchier time where we are balancing our time between finalizing those returns which can be completed and those which are being extended, we are spending even more hours sitting at our desks.  I am also spending time balancing on my ” classic balance ball office chair” which I rotate onto from 2 other chairs throughout the day to literally…  Read more

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