Weekly Update–November 3rd, 2023: Tax Minimization & Retirement Planning

It’s official, LIPA has accepted our application and paperwork, we are now banking our exported KWH.  That means that not only can we “withdraw” KWH when our panels are not producing, we can now report our solar panel project on our 2023 personal income tax return and receive tax credits from the IRS and NYS.  As NYC residents we also qualify for a real estate tax reduction over 4 years. …  Read more

Weekly Update–September 29th 2023: Pass-Through Entity Scrutiny by the IRS

Our office is still going crazy as our “final” tax deadline of October 15th approaches.  We have given up on sending out repeated emails for “that last missing piece of information” which can help our clients minimize their tax liability and are just working with the information we have “in house”.  I have checked with other tax professionals who are experiencing the same behavior from some of their clients.  I…  Read more

Weekly Update – August 18th, 2023 -Learn How Tax Planning Starts at Home

Another busy week with some exciting news.  We all yearn to help make a difference in our environment; I have been composting for over 20 years, creating “black gold” for my vegetable garden, flowers and shrubs. Just last night my husband and I started the process to install solar panels on our house.   The US Tax Code is influencing my behavior while enabling me to reduce my carbon footprint.  We…  Read more

Weekly Update – August 11th 2023 -Why Incorporate Retirement Plans Into Your Strategic Tax Plan

We have been busy in our office working on extended tax returns and working on tax minimization plans so although we had a week of rainy weather we did not feel too bad being “stuck” inside. This morning I was glad to see the sun come out and we are expecting a weekend of good weather. Sunrise Today Over Our New Rock Jetty Between Beach 130/131 The berm construction is…  Read more

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