Weekly Update–September 8th 2023: Tax Deadlines Loom

This morning I was feeling a bit frustrated as I worked on my weekly take away so I “popped” it into ChatGPT.  I wasn’t asking for advice and didn’t give it any parameters, but it totally picked up on my mood.  “It sounds like you and your team are facing a challenging situation as you approach the tax filing deadline, and I can understand how stressful it must be to…  Read more

Weekly Update – September 1st 2023: Proper Planning/Documentation For Tax Minimization

It’s labor day weekend and I can imagine that many families are planning a long weekend as the kids will be heading back to school next week.   We often talk about planning, tax planning, vacation planning, retirement planning, etc.  I never reccomend doing something “just for tax purposes” but with proper planning you just might take a partial business deduction for a portion of your trip expenses.  Summer travel  plans can…  Read more

Weekly Update – August 18th, 2023 -Learn How Tax Planning Starts at Home

Another busy week with some exciting news.  We all yearn to help make a difference in our enviornment; I have been comosting for over 20 years, creating “black gold” for my vegatable garden, flowers and shrubs. Just last night my husband and I started the process to install solar panels on our house.   The US Tax Code is influencing my behavior while enabling me to reduce my carbon footprint.  We…  Read more

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