Weekly Update – June 16th 2023

This has been a week of “attack of the killer CPA”.  I have been on the warpath against the spotted lantern fly nymphs that appeared on my fig tree Saturday afternoon and the green/white aphids which showed up on my tomato plants Wednesday morning.  I am so grateful for the many garden blogs and articles I have accessed this week. I started with a spray bottle of white vinegar and graduated to a pump…  Read more

Weekly Update – October 21, 2022

Tax season is finally over and I love having more free time again.   I am back to taking walks on the beach where the sunrise is great, even on a foggy day, but nothing beats the amazing colors of fall foliage… Thank you Jeff and Emily for sharing this amazing shot from Telluride, Colorado, safe travels home. Thank you Ilene for sending me some great photo’s from your walk on…  Read more

Weekly Update – September 23rd, 2022

It’s been the week of 100+ figs, some days I pick 5 or 6 and others 20 to 30, then a friend will stop by and find yet another ripe one and pop it in their mouth.  My favorite way to eat them is split in quarters, sprinkled with feta cheese and then grilled; very easy, very delicious, very healthy, they can pass for dessert.  It’s also been a week…  Read more

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