Weekly Update – July 21st 2023 – What’s in Your Tax Mitigation Tool Box

It been another crazy busy summer week starting with a Town Hall panel web presentation on IRS/NYS tax collections mitigation.  Even through we had the framework set from prior presentations a lot of time and energy went into preparing for this one and I love participating. I had a great time yet again presenting with Karen Tenenbaum, esq, CPA, Moshe Zupnick, esq, and Marisa Friedrich, esq, of Tenenbaum Law, P.C.. Town…  Read more

Weekly Update – June 2nd 2023

We have good news this morning as the debt limit bill, (H.R. 3746), the Fiscal Responsibility Act passed the senate and house and is being sent to President Biden for his signature; the nation’s debt limit ceiling will be suspended until January 2025.  This may be just what economy needs in order to stabilize. This morning I read The Motley Fool blog about the market and Warren Buffet’s advice to buy and…  Read more

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