Weekly Update – July 14th, 2023

We see many news reports, blog posts and webinars discussing AI, Bots, and ChatGPT.  Most highlight the benefits of having AI assist in the repetitive data entry and review, while others point out the concerns staff members have about being replaced by evolving technology.  This week I attended a webinar hosted by my professional group and we were once again reminded that this type of technology is a tool that…  Read more

Weekly Update – May 26th 2023

Many really nice bosses (hint, hint) are wrapping up a week of work with a short Friday so we can enjoy this 3 day weekend honoring our Veterans and spending time with friends and family at the beach, park or attending bar-b-ques. I am happy to share some cool construction photos as the beach conservation continues, these cranes are just on the next block… New beach preservation jetty construction Jetty…  Read more

Weekly Update – May 19th 2023

I am thrilled that the nice weather is finally here and the sand is warm enough to walk on it barefoot.   I am glad I am following my April 21st Take Away with a twist, we now take “barefoot breaks”… Beach Break Get ready for the fig reports, I am not sure if we will have a “crazy” crop like last year but…. It’s Spring & it looks like we will have…  Read more

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