Weekly Update–June 21st 2024-Welcome to Summer ⛱️🩴👣🏕️🔥🎆

Welcome to summer 2024!  You know it’s officially summer when you mix up your second gallon of “bug juice” in my case organic spray mix for combating those invasive Spotted Lanternflies. Yes, they are back again this year, but I am ready for them,  prepared to do battle and winning. They seem to love my fig tree; I check every morning after my beach walk and find them lined up on…  Read more

Weekly Update – June 9th 2023

Much of my and other’s focus this week has been taken up by the Canadian brush fires, the broader implications and the effect of the smoke on the air quality on the north east coast of the United States.  While I, as well as most of us have considered news reports and the families affected by wild fires all over, we have only rarely experienced the effects.  With the winds…  Read more

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