Weekly Update – January 5th, 2024-Welcome 2024 – the BOI Reporting Clock is Ticking ⏱️

A BIG Good Morning 🌅 and welcome to 2024🥂🍾🥳🎇, I am happy to repeat the sentiment we have been hearing and repeating over the last few days “Best Wishes For A Happy Healthy New Year for You and Your Friends and Family”; I for one will continue to wish everyone a good day.   This week when speaking with my daughter we talked about the holiday meals and visits we had…  Read more

Weekly Update – December 2 2021; Happy Holidays

Over the weekend, several countries reported their first cases of the new Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus. While little is known about the new variant, genetic sequencing indicates it has at least 30 mutations on the spike protein, which it uses to bind to human cells, so it could be even more easily spread than the Delta variant. In response to the uncertainty, Israel has banned all foreigners from entry, while…  Read more

Weekly Update – November 18th 2021

Just a few weeks ago, it appeared that the Delta variant was on the wane in the US. However, cases are climbing, in pockets of the Midwest, Southwest, and Northeast, and just ahead of the holiday travel season. Minnesota is experiencing its highest average daily case counts since April, at 3,500 per day, overwhelming some hospitals. In response, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has enlisted the National Guard to staff temporary sites…  Read more

Weekly Update – November 11th 2021

Sending best wishes and our thanks to our veterans and their families this Veterans day 2021.  We salute you and appreciate your courage and service to our country.   We’ve been hearing about the tight market for available workers, so what’s the solution?  Per this recent Wall Street Journal article, some companies are responding by loosening hiring requirements such as the need for a bachelor’s degree, work experience or or background check. …  Read more

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