Should I Accept my SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Offer?

“I got an Offer for an SBA Loan Now What Should I Do?”

A few weeks ago I clicked on the email from and was a bit surprised that they were inviting me to set up my portal so I could continue my SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application.

I said to myself “I got an Offer for an SBA Loan Now What Should I Do?” Then I said this is an opportunity and I should approach this as I would any other opportunity to “work on my business”.

I shot this video with the intent of reminding you that even though this is a time of crisis, it is also a time of opportunities. Please take the time to watch it and consider what this cash infusion would mean to you and your business. Then contact us for a discovery session to see if accepting this loan is the right decision to make (please remember that there is a pre-payment penalty within the first 3 years).

Links to the complimentary resources discussed in the video:

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If you’re hoping to borrow these funds, I hope you consider this as an opportunity to grow, reinvent or improve your business.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can help you turn this crisis into an opportunity. Get in touch with us for a complimentary discovery session and if it makes sense we can work together to create and implement your business plan and get the most out of these funds.

Our team can help you grow your business and stay on track with your finances – we don’t just help with accounting and tax!
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