QBO Virtual Boot-Camp, Re-certification & Enhancements

Congratulations to my staff! I’m thrilled that we were able to attend the Intuit Boot-camp on the QuickBooks Online Program. We spent 2 days watching the experts show us the new enhancements and some tips and tricks. We think these enhancements will help ourselves and our clients in our cloud-based accounting software.  Watch this quick video and then check out the bullet points below…

Some important new enhancements:

  • +NEW – all program navigation is now on the left hand side
  • Heads up on “planned outages” and other QBO Status Updates
  • Add screen space by hiding the details in the left side-bar
  • Receipt Capture capability using optical character recognition (OCR) technology;  great contemporaneous support for IRS requirements
  • Enhanced mileage tracking (ability to log business/personal miles) for IRS reporting
  • Business performance dashboard with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

I am so glad we were able to attend and then start testing these new software features.

Click through to see what updating your accounting system to a cloud based system looks like, then feel free to contact us for a discovery session to see if this is the right move for your business right now.

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