On the Road again, Sharing Insights from the San Jose Technology Conference I am Attending

I’m on the road again and sharing insights from the San Jose accounting technology conference I am attending.

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Liquid Breakfast

Today’s conference takeaways started at breakfast, I sat down at a random table and the conversation started with “where are you from?” My computer was in my backpack so that “takeaway” was written on a napkin.

Here are my highlights and takeaways from today’s conference:

Show your clients you care.  It’s so nice to be greeted at the entrance with a coffee cafe!  Although maybe they should add the course “How to Take a Selfie”.

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Innovation Keynote

Foster healthy paranoia in your business: Facebook gave out a little red notebook to all of its employees.  One of the pages said “if we don’t create the product that kills Facebook, someone else will.”

QBO – our cloud software of choice – has just launched its Optimization center: We will be able to create reports from within the software that will give our clients more insights about their business trends and key performance indicators (KPI’s) without an add-on app.  Thank you Intuit!

Offer a “Year-End Micro Tax Minimization Strategy” for all your tax clients- we can offer a scaled down tax minimization to all our clients.  It would be a custom plan scaled down for quick implementation (by December 31) which will certainly reduce and possibly eliminate their fourth quarter estimate!  Thank you Jackie Meyer, CPA for sparking this great plan.

Advisory Pannel Jim & Renee
Advisory Panel Jim & Renee

Create capacity in your business by setting up standardized email “shells” to share status reports. I had thought about doing this for tax season status reports to clients.  This method can be used by any business that sends out “form” emails like “you are due for a check-up and cleaning, please contact our office for an appointment”. This was a great tip from my Intuit Tax Council friend Renee Daggett, EA during her presentation.

Mid-market professional services businesses ($500,000- $50,000,000) can continue to use QBO as their accounting platform. As long as their processes are considered and a custom-designed ecosystem of specialized industry software applications is created and maintained (inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, enterprise resource planning (ERP) etc).

It was a great first day, greeting old friends, making new ones and sharing “best practices” during the breaks.

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