How Can I Find the Best CPA-Tax Accountant for Me….

It’s tax season and it seems that the rest of the country finally figured out that Tax Simplification is anything but…

Now the big question is how do I find the best CPA or Tax Professional for me.  The question seems “simple” too. But is it?

Today was the second time this article was published in the last few weeks, Newspaperclick through to read it.

How to Find the Best CPA or Tax Accountant Near You

As a CPA who specializes in designing and implementing customized Tax Minimization Plans for our clients I appreciate the emphasis the article placed on quality and knowledge, niche and ethics.

We Do More Than “fill in the boxes” on Tax Returns

As a CPA and Certified Tax Coach I take hours of continuing education at specialized conferences in addition to logging on to webinars on tax laws at my desk.  It’s not HOW we get there,  it’s what we DO with the data once we have it that’s important.

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Tax Minimization Strategies and Preparation

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