Friday Morning Briefing, Free Masks and N.Y.S. Estimates Due Date Update…

I woke up this morning with lingering nightmare threads.  somehow I had driven to a beach and parked my car and was now running up and down the street hunting for it. Go figure, I guess I am feeling guilty for working out indoors this week!

Then I really woke up to a nightmare as I opened my emails and found that N.Y.S. had issued Notice N-20-8 changing the due dates yet again for the NYS 2020 estimate #1 and #2

The following is a brief summary as of 10 AM June 12:

IRS:2020 Estimate #1 and Estimate #2 due July 15, 2020

NYS: 2020 Estimate #1 due June 15, 2020

NYS:  Estimate #2 due July 15, 2020

NYC: 2020 Estimate #1 due April 15, 2020

NYC:  Estimate #2 due June 15, 2020

NJ:  Estimate #1 due July 15, 2020

NJ:  Estimate #2 due June 15, 2020

The good news is that for our corporate clients your estimates as calculated and corresponding coupons are all fine as uploaded to your portals.  As usual we will file your estimate payment on line on your behalf.

The other good news is that for our individual tax clients your amounts as supplied are also fine (unless we have contacted you directly with an update) and NYS coupons do not have a number on them, so go ahead and file by Monday.

Free Masks for NYC Businesses as you Prepare to Open

For those small businesses located in NYC here is a link for access to free masks for your staff.

And now onto the New York Times morning briefing…

As always we will keep you posted on these and other developments as we learn of them.  We are also available to support your loan forgiveness applications and to help you make these decisions.

Best wishes to you, your family and friends for health and safety through these trying times.

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