Evaluate Your Business Process…Create a Road Map to Your Dream Business

“If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix IT” doesn’t make sense in the Business World

It might not be broken, but carefully thought out processes can help make your business run more smoothly and profitably.

An analogy was playing in my head as I was updating my PowerPoint about the benefits of implementing practice management for a recent accounting conference:

Several times during the week one of the staff used the toaster in the staff kitchen for her strawberry glazed pop tarts.  Every morning it burnt, setting off the fire alarm. Someone suggested chucking the toaster, another suggested disconnecting the alarm, another suggested springing the control early.
Burnt Toast
They were reacting to the results, rather than determining the cause of the problem, which turned out to be the light/dark setting, easily corrected.

Many times we react to the result with a quick fix, rather than take the time to evaluate the process for road blocks, inefficiencies, missed deadlines, late or missed client invoicing.

One of the steps in our business health check is to evaluate and map the main processes. Create a visual like a road map with your starting point and ending point, then fill in the steps. This helps identify those problem areas where tweaked processes and the implementation of a good practice management tool can be helpful and better systems can make everyone happier at work and your business more profitable.  Remember that when everyone understands the end goal it is easier to allocate tasks in a project to the best person for the job; this usually results in a smooth and efficient process:

  • Automation opportunities – get rid of repetitive mundane tasks
  • Task scheduling – best use of employees
  • Task tracking – no missed deadlines or appointments
  • Maintaining positive relationships – capture patient/client/customer demographics; notes and information in one place
  • Tracking time, billing, payments – client/patient balances and payment methods
  • Email marketing automation
  • Data management and portals

We use practice management software specific to our accounting practice but I feel the review and implementation process for this type of software is universally helpful for all businesses.

For medical practices, it streamlines the administrative aspects of the practice and maximizes case flow.

For accounting practices, it helps keep track of client deadlines and important issues that arise during the tax year. Many include a client portal and email automation

For law firms, it helps keep track of case details and deadlines

For businesses, it helps keep track of prospects and proposals and integrates with accounting software.

Are you ready to make a change in your business?

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