Are You Overlooking Your Business Growth Assets?

We believe that your CPA firm, those professionals who review your accounting data and evaluate your processes should be tapped as your business coaching and strategic planning partners. When we work with our clients, our goal is to help create a plan that will achieve those goals while utilizing their existing staff. We start our journey with the intent of creating a business road map and write across our whiteboard: “Start with the end in mind”.

When we collaborate with our clients during a business review or strategic business planning engagement we also get to know their staff members.  Staff members are typically hired for certain characteristics you identified in them for a particular role in your firm.  We believe that many times THEY are underutilized.

5 tips on expanding the value of your staff members:

  1. Consider the person as a whole. While they may be great at performing their current function, they may have other strengths that can be tapped for additional roles in the firm or business.
  2. Consider the personalities of your staff members, their roles may be altered to create efficiencies which can increase their capacity, or the capacity of other staff members.
  3. During your periodic evaluations ask some open ended questions about their outside interests. You may find that they have knowledge in or a passion for something that would enable you to create a better experience for your patient, client, or customer.
  4. Offer your staff the opportunity to use their talents for your social media presence. Enabling them to work outside their specific role can motivate them to grow while helping you create additional social media content.
  5. Consider holding scheduled workplace team huddles. Use this time to remind your staff of the firm mission and goals. Use this time to obtain feedback from another perspective.

Remember you don’t have to do it alone, be proactive and consider working with your CPA firm as your business advisor to help you realize your business aspirations.

If you are ready to start working on your business, practice, or firm rather than in your business, contact us.  Take the interactive business evaluation survey on our website.  If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and make your service based business, medical practice, or accounting firm the best that it can be, let’s get to work!

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