10 Cyber Security Tips Your Business Needs Now and “The Morning” from the NYT…

Security has always been important to me as my firm started using:

  • cloud based accounting software
  • more technology solutions for transferring data between my clients, the tax authorities and my staff
  • more technology solutions for client business efficiencies
  • communicating between remote staff and clients

As read through my on-line newsletters this morning I was reminded that although I have been writing and talking about the importance of protecting client data for years, as more people work remotely the risk of a data breach or cyber attack becomes even greater.

Please click through my “Pre-Tax Season and Pre-Covid” blog post of February 2020 for my thoughts and recommendations on the importance of duel factor authentication for safeguarding data.  But it does not stop there.

As an FYI our accounting software requires dual authentication for program sign on and for e-file submission but this does not take the place of the other safeguards that are listed in the following article from AccountingToday which I am happy to share  “10 Cyber Security Practices for Accounting Firms”…  Please do click through and check the boxes for what you are currently doing right. I believe that what works well for accounting firms works well for all businesses, so I recommend that you contact your IT firm to discuss the need for you to enhance your cyber security system.  Not convinced please click through to my blog post from August 2019 “Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Attack”

And now here’s the link to The Morning from the NYT with news about the hurricane, the election, the virus, and lives lived…

Hurrince Laura

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