Cloud Accounting Conversion & Maintenance

The Key to Communication and Control

Proper technology implementation creates seamless communication between your accounting systems and your team. Taking the headache out of your bill pay system and increasing your collections effectiveness are just some of the benefits the cloud has for you. Real time information gives you and your staff the time and relevant information to focus on growing a successful business.

Cloud Accounting Software System:

Let us save you time and money by setting up your integrated real time accounting which will yield you actionable data.

Our proactive 3 STEP SYSTEM:

Identify opportunities and concerns, evaluate current accounting processes and systems, create and deliver your ready to use cloud based accounting system so it meets pre-set goals and objectives. Continue to train and assist your team so your business functions seamlessly.

  1. Review your current system with you – help you determine what your optimal integrated system should look like
  2. Present our blueprint of your proposed system–demonstrate advantages and opportunities that your business will receive
  3. Create and install your cloud based system with the potential for
    • Paperless document integration
    • Continuous data retrieval system
    • Third party application integration
  4. Turn it on at your office- ready to use
  5. Provide initial on-site training
  6. Provide ongoing staff training via our virtual support system-if requested
  7. Provide continuous support via our virtual support system- if requested
  8. Provide an annual review of the system and evaluate the need for changes
  9. Assign you to a designated success manager
  10. Give you access to our collaborative platform in person and via web based/virtual meetings, anytime or anywhere.

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