Business Worksheets & Compliance


Annual Board of director minutes-most states require that the corporation hold an annual board of directors meeting and maintain minutes of such meetings. This is can be a great planning and strategizing tool. We can assist you in preparing for these meetings with budgets, financial statements, and general recommendations for discussion items.



The department of labor requires that employers set forth the terms of employment and employment expectations in a written document. This document can be maintained in digital or hard copy and must be provided to all employees. These rules and expectations run the gamut from sick and vacation days to use of the internet for Facebook or “texting” during business hours. We can assist you in preparing and updating your employee handbook through our partnership with a major payroll service company.

Employee benefits – including health insurance and retirement plans

We have partnered with a major payroll company, an insurance company and a pension company so that we can advise and assist you with these issues.


We have partnered with a major payroll company; as such we can add a digital time clock service to your existing payroll service.

1099-Misc and W-9

In order for us to assist you in meeting IRS e-filing regulations for form 1099, we will need to have complete information from you by January 15th of the following tax year.

Please note there will be an additional charge if it is necessary to file any corrected forms.

This reporting requirement is related to payments to other businesses, contractors and your landlord made during the course of your trade or business or rental of real estate.

Proper procedure dictates that the entity provide you with a completed and signed W-9 form (see link below & attachment). Please confirm the information you have on file for any prior recipients.  Please include a list of the venders including name, address, tax ID # and the amount you paid to them for the tax year.

Download IRS W9 Form Here

Please note the following guidelines for who is required to receive one: