To Capitol Hill and Back Again!

May 22, 2018
As I walked the monument trail on the last evening during my recent trip to DC, the puddles and sudden downpours did not dampen my sprits or thoughts about the great meetings I had participated in and would continue to have.  As I passed the

It Takes a Village

January 22, 2018
I am wearing many hats these days. As the owner of a progressive CPA firm I am responsible to my staff and clients and their financial success. As the president of a chapter of my professional group I am responsible for the vision and

Prepaying Taxes Will Not Yield a 2017 Itemized Deduction

December 18, 2017
US Congress Conference Report which has not been voted on or passed yet, refers to the final version of the bill - does not allow a deduction for prepayment of 2018 state income taxes. In

2017 Tax Proposals Still in Flux: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

December 6, 2017
  There has been a buzz throughout the accounting world concerning the new proposed tax laws. I have been scouring the newspapers, speaking to others at conferences and holiday parties and watching the nightly news to see who voted on what

Teach a Man/Woman to Fish…

November 28, 2017
I have returned from an amazing 3 day tax and accounting symposium on Long Island sponsored by my professional group. Bad news – there were so many great sessions, it was hard to choose. Good news - most of the sessions were taped, giving me a

5 Tax Highlights: Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria Victims

November 10, 2017
It’s been 2 months since Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria hit, changing lives forever.  The Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway extension Act of 2017 signed into law on September 29th offers specific disaster victims

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria: 9 Financial Options

November 6, 2017
9 Financial Opportunities for Disaster Victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Maria: Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, grant money, employer credits, charitable contributions and relaxed restrictions on accessing your

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

October 31, 2017
I too am a disaster victim and survivor.  I woke up on the morning of October 29th, 2012 to clear skies and stepped out of my house, walked down my front stairs onto the 3 feet of sand that had washed up from the beach during the storm.  As I

Tips on Working Virtually whenever life takes you out of the office

October 30, 2017
I took a road trip with my daughter last month. Over the course of four days, we flew from our home in New York City to Detroit, Michigan and then drove to Norman, Oklahoma. In between snapping photos and sampling burgers along the way, I was able